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Are Joie strollers safe?

Mari • 08 Feb 2023

Hi Eli!

In your text named “Eco, bio, organic, OEKO TEX-certified strollers: which stroller brands and materials are better for the planet & for the baby?”, I came upon information that Joie strollers have OEKO TEX certificate.

However, when I asked the the same question, their answer was… kind of ambivalent. I asked a bit more detailed question several days later via email and still haven’t got the answer.

Here’s the question I sent them on Instagram:

Dear Joie, could you please confirm if the Joie Litetrax 4 travel system (push chair and car seat) for babies have OEKO TEX certificate? I.e. is it made with non-toxic materials?
Thank you.

And here’s their answer:

We can confirm that our Joie car seat range is free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC. All Groups 0+/1 onwards are all completely FR free. Our infant carriers (Group0+) require a chemical treatment to pass the UK F&F flammability regulations. Group0+ infant carriers are free from the following fire retardants: TCPP, chlorinated and brominated flame retardants & perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). With many of our products being sold throughout Europe & beyond, we always ensure we comply with regional variations in chemical testing requirements. Rest assured that all Joie products maintain the highest levels of compliance regarding chemical content ~ Ella

I am not even sure what they meant to say! Are only car seats FR free? What about stroller seats and strollers as whole? I guessed that “carriers” means “carry cot” - so they do contain FR. What about other toxic chemicals? It is so hard for amateurs and newbies to understand these stuff! Are Joie strollers safe in general?


Eli • 08 Feb 2023

Hey, Mari,

I found that Joie do/did indeed have that OEKO TEX certificate. It can, however, be so that only some models were tested, OR just some year, and the brand did not want to pay for the test again and again. There may be different reasons for such a complicated answer they've sent to you, but I assume it does indeed mean their certificate is not for all products or is not valid anymore.

I, however, think that Joie products are rather well made and safe - as in central Europe, where I'm from, especially, products are often being tested and it's quite a scandal when some known brand gets an "undafe" rating. I did not hear anything that would suggest Joie has a problem.

If you, however, are afraid or not trust the brand, definitely go for another one - it isn't worth stressing over something especially when the brand doesn't reply straightforwardly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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