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Any information and opinion about the Espiro Galaxy pushchair?

Katie • 17 Jun 2021

Hi Eli,

Thank you for this resource and the information provided.

Could you give your feedback on Espiro Galaxy, I cannot find a lot on the internet.

I liked this pushchair by its functionality, but I didn't hear about this brand before, I want to understand its "moving" behavior, maneuverable, easy to push (the weight of the pushchair 2020 - 10.6), what you can say about the quality of strollers of this brand, materials.

Is it worth buying, or there is some alternative to buy?

I want a reversible seat unit block with a comfortable room for a child and a big canopy. The weight of the pushchair - better to have less than 10.5 kg.

Thank you in advance,

Eli • 21 Jun 2021

Hello, Katie!

The Espiro brand is a Polish one, providing affordable prams and pushchairs for already some time. This is a BUDGET option, overall, so always do take the price of the stroller into account, it will be reflected in the quality of fabrics, materials, and plastics. It's a cheaper but doable stroller model.

I do like the Espiro Galaxy in the way it is compact and reasonably lightweight. However, the downsides would include a short leg rest and an overall not-so-spacious seat unit. It will certainly last for about 2 years, maybe more, depending on how large and how demanding your toddler will be.

Hood/canopy-wise, this will be a minus point for you too (if you asked for a large one! - especially in the laying position, the seat unit will be open, the canopy won't cover the whole child. When sitting, it will be enough. You can, however, always use a universal sun shade to help yourself out (it's an easy compromise).

For an urban, small stroller for a parent on a budget, the Galaxy is just fine. It's actually a cheaper alternative to the Cybex Mios. I would probably acknowledge the fact that if you do need a spacious pushchair, a reversible one will always be smaller in terms of seat room. If the stroller's priority is the price plus the reversible seat, space will have to be a bit of a compromise. The more so if the weight should be lower.

I, personally, would probably look for something either more expensive (the Cybex Melio or the already-metioned Mios would be one example, another might be an Easywalker Charley or a Valco Snap Ultra Trend, or something in terms of Joie Versatrax or the Joie Finiti, which are a bit more substantial but also a bit comfier, space and padding-wise]]... or I would compromise on the stroller seat reversibility and had something lighter, more affordable, more compact, and long-lasting... but without the possibility of parent-facing. My own versatile pick would be something ranging from a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 through a Casualplay LOOPi Allroad to a Valco Baby's basic Snap line...

It is true that most moms do own at least two strollers - a full-featured pram and a compact buggy. The child's needs are changing with age...

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.