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Any BAD reviews on the Maxi-Cosi Nova 4?

admin.leasowes • 25 Nov 2021

I need some bad reviews on the Maxi Cosi Nova 4 wheels.

Eli • 25 Nov 2021


Bad is always very very subjective as every parent needs a different thing, and a product not having that thing is "bad" for such parent (and "good" for another parent who needed something else). I can tell you my own opinion, which is: there are quite a few shortcomings on the Maxi Cosi Nova 4.

First is the weight and bulkiness. It is a very heavy, huge stroller even when folded, which is a deal-breaker to me, living in a city. To put it in the car trunk is a struggle, even to lift it can be difficult (and I am tall, imagine a short mum trying).

Second, the basket. Bad access and shallowness, which is the price to pay for the automatic fold and the high-positioning of the storage space.

The canopy - weird-shaped to some, and not overly long, even if robust.

And lastly, the suspension is not as soft as one would have hoped for a 16+ kg pram!

So these are the negatives. There are, of course, positives, meaning a sturdy stroller frame, large stable wheels, and super comfy padded seat unit / a reversible (+)bucket-style seat which not everybody likes(-)/... I mean, for those who don't lift it often and need something robust, it can be a comfortable solution, you know... but it can be a beast for a shorter mum who needs to load it in the car.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.