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An upright stroller for a tall 8-month-old under £300 (around £200'd be great)

Emily • 03 Jul 2021

Hi Eli,

I am thrilled to have found you as I’m at my wit's end having just sent my second stroller back!!

What I’m looking for:

A stroller to be used by grandparents - so fairly lightweight.
My little man is very tall and of average weight - the strollers I’ve sent back all had very short seat heights. My boy is only 8 months and his head was already at the top of them. We tried the Chicco Goody and the Icklebubba Globe. So I need a stroller with a high back to accommodate him growing.
We need it to lie flat for naps.
A compact fold would be great but not a necessity.
Footmuff attachment, all-terrain would be great or at least not a city version.
Up to £300 budget but around £200 would be great.
Also - I noticed in the Chicco Goody he didn’t quite sit up straight and was immediately pulling himself forward with the bumper bar to be upright so a stroller that sits properly upright would be fab but also lies flat for sleeping.

It feels a little like I’m asking for the impossible but please let me know if there’s anything out there you know of. From the research, I’ve done the yoyo would meet my needs but is far too expensive!

Many thanks, Emily and Sonny (UK)

Eli • 03 Jul 2021

Hey, Emily,

I will start at the end :-D And tell you right now that the Babyzen Yoyo wouldn't meet your requirements. The Yoyo's seatback is far much slanted (not upright) than the Chicco Goody's, seriously. Also, it is super short (about 42-43 cm high), so yes, there's space up to the hood, but not more than the Goody has.

Next in line, I want to tell you that with these compact buggies, there's NEVER a 90-degree sitting position. The Goody's is actually the most upright I've tried until now (from this type, not overall), and it just gets worse from thereon. So I strongly recommend you not to buy any more ultracompacts and ultra lightweights, they will be short, seat surface-wise, not upright, and overall not all-terrain.

Btw... There's the new Mamas&Papas Airo just coming out that is actually pretty upright and still a super small pushchair, BUT there's not that much space to the canopy AND the budget you mention will not be met, I am afraid.

I am a bit struggling to pick something that is spacious, reasonably lightweight while not being slanted... There's SO FEW upright seat strollers, and out of those, almost none that are also super roomy. From Chicco strollers, if you liked the Goody just didn't fit, the Chicco Multiride is relatively affordable, all-terrain, and fine, space-wise... Just the seat surface could be longer still (mainly the leg rest) and the sitting is still not completely upright. An Oyster Zero might also work in the space-to-the-canopy area.

The Uppababy Minu is a very good compact choice, but the prices there are also higher, and it's not always and everywhere available. I'd suggest also checking pre-loved strollers with this one (as well as a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which is super spacious and of fantastic quality... also not 100% upright).

Check if you can get your hands on a Gesslein S4... or think about the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus that is a reversible stroller but actually with a very nice seat length... I fit a 4yo in it even.

Hope I helped with enough inspiration! Go over that and if unsure, two things to do next. Go check some baby stores and try out some pushchairs to see if any fits... then find bargains online or check second-hand strollers to save money. It's always so that the stroller's price makes a huge difference so if searching for quality, you'll always be a bit disappointed with the budget models.

Second, if kind of knowing which direction to go just can't decide, write me again ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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