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An ultracompact stroller accepting car seats (Ickle Bubba Mercury) universally

Vicki • 27 Apr 2022

Hi, are there any ultra compact strollers like the Chicco Goody or the Miniuno Touchfold that also accept universal car seats?

We have a Ickle Bubba Mercury isofix and I don’t ideally want to buy another car seat and would prefer to use my existing with a lightweight stroller ideally, until he’s outgrown it.

Eli • 27 Apr 2022

Hi, Vicki,

The only ultra-compact I know that accepts pretty much any car seat, as it doesn't attach it with adapters but with straps securing the car seat onto the seat, is the Mountain Buggy Nano (V3). Be sure to check it out!

(There might be other less know local pushchair brands but I must say that is the only one that came to my mind ^_^).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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