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An ultra-compact with a higher weight/age capacity. Cybex Etu Plus/Cosatto Woosh 3/other?

Anni • 26 Apr 2022

Hi Eli.

CBX Etu Plus - is it discontinued in the UK? On your website (and lots of other reviews) it says the Etu and Etu plus are for children up to 15kg. On their website and the box, it says 22kg. I can't find it anywhere except on ebay atm.

Im deciding between the Woosh 3 and the Etu Plus. Which one would you pick? Light city use, for a 11mo and slim but tall 3yo.

I like the Etu's larger (removable) wheels, higher 52cm seat rest (but apparently it won't last as long as the Woosh - is this because of space between the canopy and seat, or the narrow seat?). Also the car seat option but this isn't a deal breaker. I like the Woosh 3's design, extra features, and it seems a bit bigger than the usual ultracompacts?

I ruled out Easywalkers Jackey purely because of its super slanted and quite exposed seat. Otherwise I was leaning towards that before.

What do you think? Any other suggestions? The Uppababy Minu I cant find in the UK so not that.

Picking a stroller is so difficult..

Thanks for your help!

Eli • 26 Apr 2022

Heya, Anni,

To be honest, the Woosh line I would never described as more spacious. Those strollers are super small, with a very sort leg rest, and most moms told me they lasted about 1.5 years of age. So I definitely wouldn't suggest that one.

The Etu+, well it seems to be discontinued or at least not sold in all countries, which, I believe, depends on how well it sold there before. Often manufacturers stop selling a model somewhere if it doesn't meet their selling expectations. I actually am quite for the Etu Plus - at least much more than the Woosh, but yeah, those are all small buggies so they wont't last incredibly long, 2-3 years maximum, except for those few larger ones. And about the 15 kg limit, it was so before, at least in some countries, it is completely possible they certified it higher in the meantime. Thank you for bringing that up, btw ;-)

If needing more options, check the Cybex Beezy/Eezy S+2, or I can also root for the ABC Design Ping.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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