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An ultra-compact with a carrycot usable for overnight sleeping

K. • 05 Apr 2022

Hi, Eli,

Are there any ultra-compact strollers with a carrycot usable for overnight sleeping?

Eli • 05 Apr 2022

Hello, there,

You know, most strollers are actually not made to be used for long-term use, and they are made as simple as they can to be able to achieve such a low weight and compact fold. The same goes for the carrycot compatible with them, it is incredibly rare to find one that has an overnight-certified carrycot, to be honest.

Also good to know here is the fact that Cosatto ultra-compacts are actually incredibly small in space, and a larger toddler is totally cramped in one.

Important: Not even a Joolz Aer or Babyzen Yoyo quality and expensive carrycot are certified for overnight sleeping. My advice? Rather get a quality travel cot than an overnight-usable bassinet with a small stroller you'll struggle with later on. It is much safer for the baby, and also roomier. In those small carrycots, the baby will last about 4 months at the maximum anyway, and the safety will be compromised.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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