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An ultra-compact travel stroller with a more upright sitting position for a 99th percentile 11-month-old

Becky • 30 Jan 2023

Looking for an ultra-compact travel stroller for my large (99th centile!) 11 month old. We blindly bought a 1st gen Babyzen Yoyo (fortunately 2nd hand!) but he HATES it. He always seems slumped in the seat, and I think he prefers to be more upright. Our regular pram is an Uppababy Vista for comparison. We also have a Thule Glide for jogging which he is happy enough in.

Would like
- as upright a seat as we can get (I know it won't be as upright as a bucket seat)
- cabin approved
- decent recline for naps
- good hood for sun coverage

Is going to be mostly for trips/holidays, not an everyday pram.

Had been looking at Bugaboo Butterfly or Ergobaby Metro Plus - what would you advise?

Eli • 30 Jan 2023

Hiya, Becky,

From your choices, I would probably go with the Butterfly because of the 99th percentile size of your child. Bióth are small strollers, of course, but the Butterfly has a considerably taller seat back. The Metro+ is nice enough, and with enough space to the top of the canopy, but the backrest is shorter, and the padding will take from the internal space a little.

I would also suggest the Joolz Aer as it is also spacious enough, and well made to be sturdy-ish even for such a small buggy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.