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An ultra-compact stroller with a good sun protection and accessories

Olga • 25 Mar 2022

Which travel stroller would you recommend that meets my requirements (or at least comes close to it): good quality, uv/spf hood protection, light weight, fits in the aircraft cabin, comes with mosquito net, carry bag and rain coat? Sun protection is the most important.

Eli • 25 Mar 2022

Hi, Olga,

I will start with the fact that a rain cover and a mosquito net are the things you can buy extra, even if universal, with pretty much any stroller. I wouldn't recommend a stroller based on that, as most good brands actually don't include these, they are usually sold separately. On the other hand, those cheaper brands include those as a thing to make you go for them.

The same actually goes for the sun protection - a quality buggy has it for sure, and if you need a UV sunshade, they can be bought extra, even.

My suggestion would be the Maclaren Atom here (full Maclaren Atom stroller review here, as it is equipped with a super large UPF hood, breathable materials, and there's a carry bag, too. All else you can buy optionally.

The Easywalker Jackey and Easywalker Miley also sport UV-protective fabrics as well as a travel bag, the rest you buy universal. And I will also mention the Ergobaby Metro+ and the Joolz Aer which are both quality strollers with quality fabrics.

Lastly, here are some last year's ultracompact strollers worth looking into, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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