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An ultra-compact stroller that will last under £250

Jay • 14 Jul 2022


We have a Hauck Runner 2 for day to day use but are looking for a much more compact folding stroller for keeping in the car boot for shopping trips and for holidays in future. Our almost 6 month old son is already showing an interest in looking around as we walk and we are hoping the buggy would last till he’s about 3 at least, so ideally it would have as upright a seat as possible for a compact, plus an easy one hand fold, and be sturdy enough to manage curbs and possibly short grass on holiday.

Our budget is only about £250 so we were looking at the Chicco Goody Plus, Recaro Easy Life Elite 2 or Baby Jogger City Tour 2. Any advice about which would be best for our needs in terms of sturdiness vs fold vs upright seat? Or any advice on other compact models we should consider?

Thanks for your help - this website is amazing and so useful btw!

Eli • 14 Jul 2022

Heya, Jay,

You made quite a nice selection out of which I would remove the Recaro Easylife, as that one is one hell of a rattle and not as roomy as to last you so well. From the Chicco Goody Plus (full review here) and the City Tour 2, I personally would most probably go for the Goody+ even if it has its own disadvantages (soft-ish leg rest, thinner canopy fabric) mainly because it felt sturdier to me, and has more space to the top of the canopy that the Tour 2. The Tour is also even less upright and has smaller wheels, so for the occasional grass, not as awesome.

I would also think of a used, second-hand Joolz Aer as that is superior in quality as well as seatback height, and apart from the missing lie-flat, it would serve you the longest. From Recaro, definitely check the newer Lexa, as that is much better made than the Easylife line, and also with a nice tall backrest.

And from the cheaper models, the Kinderkraft Nubi won the Reddot Design Award so perhaps could be worth trying, but the quality will definitely be lower there.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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