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An ultra-compact stroller for traveling for £150 - £250

Suzie H • 05 Jun 2022

Dear Eli,

We are looking for a stroller that will be used for holidays, and trips out when we are short on space, but not for everyday use. As a result, we don’t want to spend a fortune but would be happy to pay £150 - £250. But when we chose to use it, it will be when we are short on space so it needs to be a compact stroller.

Our daughter is not the biggest child so seat height is not as much of an issue. I would like a reasonable-sized canopy given it is likely to be used in the sun, although I know these are more restricted on compact models. If we can get a one-handed-fold that would be great, but not fundamental. She also likes to be quite upright and does not like being at an angle.

I have seen ones like the Chicco Goody Plus, the Ergobaby Metro, etc., but not quite sure which is the best option. Any help you can offer would be great.

Many thanks.

Eli • 06 Jun 2022

Hi, Suzie!

The Chicco Goody/Goody+ (full review HERE) is definitely an ok option of your budget, so you actually picked rather ok - the canopy is definitely not extreme, though. The Metro is even better, to be honest, but it is also more expensive, and it might not fit the price you'd want your ultracompact buggy be for.

I definitely recommend reading this 2022's top ultra-compact strollers guide where more good compact strollers are featured, and I will recommend the Cybex Beezy from there, too. The Koelstra Buggy Gen would also be a great budget choice, just you need to check if it is available where you are, and the Kinderkraft Nubi is an OK affordable travel model as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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