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An ultra-compact reversible stroller with a long seat, large hood & more

Anna • 25 Mar 2022

Hello Eli,

I am looking for a buggy, which has the following features:
- 6.5 kg, or less
- full recline: more, than 170 degree
- xxl canopy/hood
- peek-a-boo window
- decent suspension
- one-hand fold (and preferably unfold, though it is not obligatory)
- legrest
- cabin size folding (56*45*25)
- really long seat unit (it can be narrow). My daughter is super long and thin for her 10 months age
- front and parent facing option

I love your webpage! But I miss a detailed search (using the specs which are there already ;) )
Thank you and have a nice day!

Eli • 25 Mar 2022

Hello, Anna,

I am sorry but there is no such stroller. Under 6.5 kg, cabin-sized, super large hood, and reversible, just, this is against physics. A long seat unit itself cannot be combined with cabin-size and low weight, and the less so with an XXL hood. here are only strollers that can do some of these things, like low weight and plane-friendly folding, OR cabin-sized and lie-flat large hooded (e.g., Maclaren Atom), or a reversible lie-flat lightweight option which doesn't fit that cabin-sized fold (Cybex Eezy S-Twist)... and NO reversible ultra-compact is spacious, NONE. There is actually just one reversible ultracompact, the Bugaboo Ant, and that is TINY in the seat.

One more thing, 45 cm width, that is impossible to achieve, and with a reversible stroller, that would mean about 28 or less wide seat.

So, I am sorry for such an answer, but I cannot help you. It doesn't exist. You need to consider the main 1-2 priorities (here's an article on that), all else will have to be pushed aside.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.