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An ultra-compact pushchair similar to the Miniuno Touch fold or the Chicco Goody

Mandy • 27 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

I'm looking to purchase a pushchair similar to the Miniuno Touch fold or Chicco Goody. It won't be our everyday pushchair as we have a travel system, but wanting something small to keep in the car for holidays and days out. Ideally it needs to be small enough to be airline cabin approved.

The miniuno touch fold seems to tick every box for what we are looking for, but I haven't seen many reviews or know anyone that has one. The reviews for the goody seem to be hit-and-miss. Are there any other models out there which are similar and at a similar price point?

I love the Bugaboo Butterfly but out of my price range especially when you have to pay extra for all the accessories and doubt I'll get a 2nd hand model anytime soon as it is so new to the market.

Would you say the butterfly is really worth the money compared to the likes of the miniuno or Chicco? Many thanks

Eli • 28 Aug 2022

Hiya, Mandy,

The miniuno as well as the Goody (fully Chicco Goody stroller review here, btw are pretty much the same design - and a very similar one would be the leclerc MF Plus or the leclerc Influencer, which are also OK for the price. The Maxi Cosi Jaya also auto-folds though feels too slanted from my point of view.

Between your two, I personally would go for the Chicco, as the wheels felt better a it, though it will most probably be a similar hit-and-miss experience as these super small buggies are OK with one and a bad experience with another, as they are really simple and not so sturdy.

I personally would also think about a stroller without the auto-fold, e.g. the Ergobaby Metro+ as this one is sturdier considerably, and I don't think the magical automatic fold is a must - the folds are easy even without that.

For more ultra-compact inspiration, check also this article with a few other travel buggies.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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