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An older Bertoni double stroller - how to use it properly and where to get spare parts?

Sloukie • 03 Jan 2022


I have a Bertini double pram and have a few questions as I brought it second hand could not afford one new as Iā€™m a single mother of three children aged under 4.

The first question is where can I get a safety bar for the seat and where can I get rain covers for them, and also, where can I get a skate board thing that all three of my kids can be pushed on the one pram; and how do I put the bassinet capsule on with the seat, and what is the best way to have my children sitting in it.

Thanks for all your help that you can assist me in have a great day.

Eli • 03 Jan 2022

Hi, Sloukie,

I don't think I can help you much with a lot of what you ask for. E.g., about the belly bar and the (original) rain cover, you cannot get these just so, online or in-person in a shop. The bar can only be bought/gotten from the manufacturer or any seller of this brand, but it already has been discontinued for multiple years, so... the only thing that is left is to search in classifieds, maybe somebody sells those, used... About the raincover, you can always buy a universally fitting one on Amazon or eBay - just search for a 'universal double stroller rain cover' and look up those that seem to be the closest to the shape of your pram.

About a sibling skate board for your third, you only need a universally fitting kiddy board, again. I can recommend a Laclas Buggy Board Maxi (or Mini) OR the Bumprider sibling board. You can find these pre-owned in classifieds, too.

Lastly, if you have the Bertoni Twin double buggy, there is no bassinet attachment available. You can always get a universal soft carrycot/cocoon (e.g., Hauck has one, or a Vaclo Baby soft cot can be bought) and secure it in a fully reclined seat. The best way is hard to describe as "best" varies from child to child. In any case, your kids should be lying flat until they can sit up without help, by themselves, and after that, they can start to be sitting inside. The eldest can only sit if you get the Bumprider or the Lascal buggyboard Maxi with the optional extra seat.

I hope I helped! I was a bit unsure as you did not mention your exact model and the way you need the sitting in the pram explained. If anything, write me another question!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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