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An occasional compact stroller with a smooth folding for the man who hates pushchairs

LaurenT67 • 26 Nov 2022

We have two Bugaboos (Cameleon and Ant which I love!) but my husband dislikes how complicated they are to fold. I need one for his car for him to use on the school run. It needs to be easy to fold, have a bumper bar that swings open and support a toddler (so up to 22kg rather than 15kg). His car boot isn’t the biggest. The Ant fits but the wheels of the Cameleon need to be taken off and the City Mini Jogger fitted only with a wheel removed.

It needs to be fuss free for the man who hates pushchairs! Ideally not too expensive seeing as it’ll only be used 1-2 times a week but it’s more important that it fits the requirements rather than budget. Help!

Eli • 27 Nov 2022

Hi, Lauren,

Seeing you're happy with those really small buggies, I would suggest the Joolz Aer which is super easy to fold and with a backrest tall even for a larger toddler. The Recaro Lexa should also work, and seeing you're a Bugaboo fan, I would actually also say that the Bugaboo Butterfly would be smooth to fold, too. None of these, however, have a bumper bar included; to the Joolz Aer you can buy one separately - still, there are actually the better ones.

With a belly bar, I will mention the Cybex Beezy and the Cybex Eezy S+, the Easywalker Jackey XL which is still a compact stroller even with that XL in the name, and the ABC Design Ping.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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