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An everyday workhorse that will last. What are the pros and cons of a Bugaboo pram?

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eli & vii
R • 06 Jul 2022


I’ve just started looking into strollers as I am pregnant and would like to hear the pros and cons about different brands.

I’m looking for a stroller that would be used as my everyday ‘car’. To be good for up and down hills, steps and it is lightweight and easy to push around. I would like it to be a pram that is interchangeable to a seat from when the baby gets older.

I would also like it to be strong and wearable enough to last me for a few children.

I’ve heard a lot about the Bugaboo and people seem to be happy with it but I would like to hear about the pros and cons of it and compare it to other strollers out there.

Thanks a lot

Eli • 06 Jul 2022

Hi there!

I wrote a bit more about Bugaboo strollers here, so feel free to go through that guide/article. It is, indeed, a good choice, if you pick well, as the quality is higher, the parts are available quite long, and you can swap fabrics and canopies and sets, etc., so a Bugaboo full-size stroller will last you longer than many.

If you need an everyday "workhorse", it should definitely be the Buffalo was incredible, but now it is already discontinued, so perhaps a pre-owned one could work if terrain would be a real priority.

About the cons, now - as a reversible seat stroller (more about those here), it is not huge in the seat area, although it is spacious enough. It is also bulky, but yes, it is light, much lighter than others in that category, just cont on more space taken from your car boot by the pram.

Some also mind that it is a bucket-style seat (more about those here), so that could be a pro but also a con, depends on for whom.

Hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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