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An everyday compact pushchair for a 1yo and occasional mild terrain

Lauren • 12 Sep 2022


I'm looking for an everyday pushchair that is still compact and can handle mild terrain (grass etc). Currently have a Silver Cross Pioneer which I love but it takes up too much space in my boot as well as being a bit heavy to push/carry while my 1 year old is running!

I love the Minu v2 but feel its a little out of my budget so considering the Ergobaby Metro Plus but unsure if this is suitable for everyday use/can handle park terrain?

Lauren :)

Eli • 12 Sep 2022

Hi, Lauren,

Well, you are kind of trying to go from one full size, pretty much HUGE pram to the smallest possible. Watch out, as ultra-compacts (more about those here) you are trying to pick from are occasional strollers, not at all all terrain, and narrower in the seat, overall smaller in most aspect, even the functional ones.

I must warn you here, the difference will be great - but not only in the good things (like a MUCH smaller pushchair), but also in the worse ones, like the push, the space, the sturdiness. The Metro+ is a good choice, actually, so if really having to have such a small model, it is not a bad pick. Again, the ride will be harder, with much less suspension and comfort features. So if an ultra-compact stroller is your go to, you picked reasonably well at that price point.

On the other hand, my personal recommendation would be something slightly larger, a lightweight forward-facing mid-sized pushchair will be MUCH comfier for your little one and will last you better while still MUCH smaller than the Pioneer, especially with everyday use in mind. An Oyster Zero, Valco Trend, Baby Jogger City Mini will be a better choice here, from my opint of view, but that is of course food for thought for you and your family/lifestyle.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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