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An everyday all-terrain stroller with a bucket seat

rach • 09 Aug 2022


I am a first time mom and lost in all the stroller options out there. I am looking for an all terrain stroller that will be used every day (we don't have a car), specifically easy to push up and down hills, good swivel, good suspension and not too heavy to carry up and down stairs.

What are your thoughts on the Egg 2 vs Joolz Day Plus vs Bugaboo Fox in accordance to my needs?

I've heard the Uppababy Vista V2 is very good however im not crazy on the enormous basket underneath. Is is possible to change that?

Secondly, is it possible to still buy the Cybex Priam 2 in 1 which had the bucket seat style rather than the Lux seat they have now (as I dont like the style of the lux seat)?

lastly, would the Cameleon Bugaboo hood fit on the Fox ?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
many thanks

Eli • 09 Aug 2022

Hi, rach,

I will start with the vista and its basket, which, unfortunately is not possile to change. You can, perhaps, remove the fabric (by detaching of by force) but it will leave you with no basket.

About the Priam with the Light 2in1 seat, that is not sold anymore. If you wanted that one very desperately, you could try to search classifieds and buy one second hand, but for a few years already, it is not manufactured anymore.

The Bugaboo Cameleon's hood DOES ft the Fox, yes, so you can use that one on a Fox.

From the Babystyle Egg2 vs. Joolz Day+ vs. BGB Fox, the Fox is a clear winner for me as the Egg is a bit harder in terms of suspension, and not too light to go uphill, The Day+ is also very large and bulky, and although it pushes very nicely, the small front wheels make it a bulky-ish urban pram rather than an all-terrain - it can handle bumpy terrain but mostly occasionally, "surviving" style rather than a comfort ride. The Fox has larger front wheels and pushes great, too, so I personally would go for that one. Although if softer suspension would be your thing, perhaps the Day+ is a little softer in that area (not by a huge margin, though).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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