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An easy to push travel buggy that is upright, has a larger basket and a sun shade option

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eli & vii
ashley • 23 Sep 2022

I'm looking for a lightweight stroller (umbrella or travel) that grandma can easily operate. My 14-month-old likes to sit completely upright and most all strollers lean too far back.

I also want a sunshade (or want to be able to add a shade accessory). Finally, we want to be able to put the diaper bag in the bottom and would love to have a parent accessory (or be able to add it on).

- Ashley, San Diego, CA, USA

Eli • 23 Sep 2022

Hiya, Ashley,

Well watch out here, as you want a buggy - umbrella or travel (cabin-sized?), and you want it to be upright (pretty much impossible) and to have a basket accepting a diaper bag (which are usually not very small = larger basket), which, again, is against the nature of smaller buggies. So you will need to accept a compromise here. About the shade accessories and a parent organizer, that should be no problem with pretty much any buggy, if you will go for any better universal one.

From the more upright seats, the Bugaboo Butterfly or the Joolz Aer are on the more upright side, though not completely upright and not exactly budget friendly. DO checkthe Recaro Lexa as well. From umbrella pushchairs, the Joie Brisk LX has a sunshade and a rather nice seat, though don't expect an umbrella buggy's basket to be super large nor accessible - and a similar one could be the Chicco Liteway, even if this one is not my personal fav. I personally really like the minimalism of the Koelstra Simba T4 which is also reasonably upright and has a larger hood with a sun visor, though the basket is small once again.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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