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An easy-to-carry stroller under 9 kg with soft suspension and inflatable wheels

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eli & vii
Valentin • 10 Oct 2022


I would like an easy compact stroller to be easily carried by my wife. I would prefer to have 4 wheels suspension and the wheels to be inflated by air OR made of soft rubber/silicon.

Can you send me the list with all strollers less than 9kg?

Thank you in advance,

Eli • 10 Oct 2022

Hi, Valentin,

You need to understand that softly cushiones, inflatable (= large) wheeled strollers are almost always more than 9 kg, so you are wanting 2 very opposing things - a light, small, easy to carry stroller an a pretty much all terrain model.

My best advice here is the Valco Snap Sport or the Valco Trend Sport. Very light, easy to fold, while spacious and with inflatable, SPORT wheels, I believe these could fit here. They do not feature suspension thoug that is the price to pay for the low weight - the larger air wheels will, however, help with terrain considerably here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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