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An easy-folding stroller up to 22 kg for everyday use and for traveling

El • 09 May 2023


We are looking for strollers (22kg) with easy-fold mechanism (automatic or at least one-hand) to be used in daily life (city, park, sometimes uneven roads) but also not too heavy and bulky for travel. Could you please advise some? :)

Eli • 10 May 2023

Hey, El,

And what is your child's age? What about your budget? Does it need to be really travel size - ultra-compact, or just not too heavy/bulky? These are rather. important to narrow it down bit.

If your kid is not too small (older than 6 months), the Joolz Aer (Plus) could be a nice choice especially if you do need the stroller to be really really compact. The leclerc Influencer seems to be popular and also auto-folding, while sturdy-ish enough - this one is a bit better for smaller kids. I like the Ergobaby Metro+ sturdiness and padded seat, again nice even for smaller babies. Still I would say that these are travel strollers and not completely it for everyday use if you look for a comfort stroller - in any case these are the better ones for that. I don't think any of these travel strollers will be spacious enough for a 22kg child even if they claim that weight capacity though.

I would also look at a bit larger models - from Valco Snap line to Oyster Zero, you can get a lightweight mid-sied model that would be more comfortable but not really cabin luggage-sized.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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