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An almost lie-flat stroller with a sturdy frame, good road grip heels, and a high backrest

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Paula • 28 Jun 2022

Hi Eli,

Love your website! I wish I'd discovered it when purchasing our first stroller as it didn't meet our needs. Could you help me find a stroller with:

- a sturdy frame (doesn't need to be ultracompact!)
- wheels with good road grip (rubber over foam, I expect?)
- a high backrest (at least 50 cm)
- preferably the backrest can go (nearly) completely flat

Many thanks!

Eli • 28 Jun 2022

Hiya, Paula!

And do you have a limited budget? :-) If you do, and heavy-ish is not a problem, I would perhaps suggest checking the Kinderkraft Everyday (the full Kinderkraft Everyday stroller review can be found here), as the seat has really tall seatback, and the wheels are large and chunky. The stroller is, however, quite bulky, even if better than most in its category.

The Joie Finiti/Joie Versatrax could also work here.

From the lighter, more expensive stroller systems, I would definitely think about the Bugaboo Fox 3, as it does have a 50 cm backrest, nice wheels and frame, and a full recline - however, it is a bucket-style recline (more about those here).

From the non-reversible strollers, my personal favourite would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, a sturdy, still light enough pushchair that lies pretty much flat and is super roomy and high-quality. I did not like the push, but many mums like the Britax B-Motion Plus for the larger wheels and a very roomy seat, too. And the 48cm backrest Gesslein S4 is also a very nice ride with a roomy-enough seat, good wheels with suspension, and a quality frame. For more urban rides, the [[abc-design-avus|ABC Design Avus with 49.5 cm seat back could also work.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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