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An all-terrain stroller with at least 60cm backrest

Lorena • 17 Sep 2022

Which all terrain strollers have a backrest of at least 60cm? My son is disabled and doesnt walk so I am hoping we can continue to use mainstream strollers for as long as possible.

Thank you

Eli • 17 Sep 2022

Hi, Lorena,

I don't think there are even 3 like that, as 60cm seatbacks are not really a normal thing. Already 50+cm backrests are quite rare, to be honest.

For a larger, even disabled toddler, I would completely recommend the Baby Jogger City Elite 2, a stroller that is very roomy and has ample space even after the end of the seat back, to the top of the canopy. I saw multipole moms with a disabled kid use this model or its first generation.

About the tall seatback, check the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3 which has 60cm backrest but is on the narower side, on the other hand. The Phil&Teds Dto has a 63cm backrest, also worth checking, and more Phil&Teds three-wheelers with a non-reversible seat have at least 60 cm.

I would also check BOB three wheelers, as they are also spacious.

I hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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