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An all-terrain, slim-ish double that can face the parent

Amy • 20 Apr 2023

Hello there, you helped me pick a stroller 2 years ago that I literally love its everything! It's the Kinderkraft Everyday. I now though have a second baby on the way so need a double and praying you can help again, please. I've come down to 2 choices the Mountain Buggy (Duet) V3 Luxury or the Baby Monsters Easy Twin 4. Here's my trouble and why iI've got such limited choice....
I need an all terrain, something slim as I have my buggy in the house as I have trouble with my daughter sleeping, so have no choice some nights but to rock her to sleep in it, we also caravan a lot, I have tall babies my daughter is in age 2-3yrs at 14 months, so need high seat backs.

It must have some kind of parent-facing option some days my daughter just can't cope facing the world and I have my babies in carrycots till 10 months-ish so even a new baby will be parent-facing till 1 yr. Lay flat seats I've tried several bucket seats with my daughter, and she just won't stay in them.

Adjustable footrests (I plan to try to buy Universal adapters for the Mountain Buggy so happy to add mummy touches if need be), big basket, big hoods with peekaboo windows - I would love some ventilation if possible, (again looking into a hood extension for the MB as it looks short). Not sensitive about weight or fold particularly, obviously the Everyday is a chunky beast but I do love that I can remove wheels and such to get a small fold if needed.

The mountain buggy I love I'm a bit nervous of how slim it is and the size of the carrycot plus in parent facing seat mode...I don't suppose you would know the size of the new carrycot plus seat bit please? Also your reviews say the seat back is 64 there website says 54 is this because they are measuring to we're the fabrics all pleated up do you think or have the really shortened the seat that much?

The Baby Monster 4 states it has a parent-facing seat fabric however, I'm struggling to find info on it and one bit I found seems it may be tiny, yet it looks the same size as the other seat and still has an adjustable footrest which leads me to think it's not just fabric but more of a seat unit? The monster says it's 67 so a bit wider, but I'll be measuring door ways today lol. It also says the seat backs are 52 are you able to confirm this for the BM 4?

I did think tandem and we chose the Joolz Geo 3 but my daughter has sensory pressing disorder so putting her in a restricted space is not very often an option, and I don't wish for baby to be hanging off the front or out of site so that pretty much ended that discussion.

Of course I'm happy to hear any other prams you may suggest or any ideas.

And if I can attach the Joie I level carseat to the Mountain Buggy and what adaptors you would suggest please?

Thank you so much
Amy xx

Eli • 20 Apr 2023

Hey, Amy,

Whoa what a long question. :-) I will start with one stroller, tell you about the second then, and wil try to come up with a conclusion. What is needed to be said though is that I would not go for the narrowest stroller possible. I mean, normal doorway is 80 cm and most doubles will fit this. A very narrow stroller will be VERY tight for a larger toddler, and to ass a reversible seat to it means an ABSOLUTELY CRAMPED space so your older daughter will definitely notbe comfortable in there.

That leads me to Baby Monsters Easy Twin 4 and its "reversible hamock" seat. In theory, yeah, it does have a reasonable enough backrest, and it faces the parent. It is also VERY narrow, and with the canopy right over the backrest, it won't be roomy at all. A 2-3yo sized child will not really be ok in that parent facing setup. What is more, the stroller itself will not be all-terrain - it is more of a city stroller, rather simple, and although nice enough for normal sidewalks, not really for demanding use. So if you mean it and need space in the reversed position (I am afraid though no double will be reversible and roomy), and also that terrain capability, you won't be crazy happy with it. For less demanding use and truly just occasional reversible seat use, it may work though.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain has truly VERY all seatbacks, so that is very nice. It is also all-terrain, and rather narrow, so check and check. However, again, the seats will be narrow because of that. If you're ok with that, you'll be fine - except one more thing, and that is the reversibility. It doesn't have that really, only the transforming carrycot option that is, however, bucket-style when transformed, and also VERY small, space wise. So that it doesn't offer, unfortunately. I would rather go for a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double as that is roomier while nimbler, however that doesn't offer a reversible seat either.

Lastly, I will mention a bulky, however super sturdy workhorse of a pram - the TFK Duo (or any other TFK double stroller for that matter) - expensive, unfortunately, however, super spacious with non reversible seats, reversible carrycot-to-seat option, nicecanopies, great all-terrain wheels... but that price... :-( Try googling pre-owned TFK double strollers perhaps, if that sounded ok.

I'm afraid, though, that you will have to accept a non reversible seat if you need a roomy one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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