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An all-terrain, quality from-birth stroller usable in the city - which to choose?

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cabrilla • 01 Jul 2022

Dear Eli,

In August we are expecting our first child and got pretty confused with all the stroller options on the market :)

We would like to buy a stroller that allows us to continue in our active lifestyle. We are dreaming of something suitable for the forest, the mountains, that can be easily controlled in the tricky terrain, snow included, but also in the city. (We are ready to change wheels and accessories anytime needed :))

We have come across the brand TFK but are pretty confused if we really can use this stroller from the very beginning as the basinet is not so firm and flat.

We also have tried Cybex and Bugaboo. Bugaboo was nice to control but we were told it does not have so many accessories and Cybex does not suit us (to be honest we did not like it very much as it was slightly more difficult to control.)

We will be very gratefull if you help us to pick the right choice for us and are looking forward to your advice!

Best regards

Kaja, Peter and our little one :)

Eli • 01 Jul 2022

Hi, guys!

So ^_^ For a stroller that actually can tackle tricky terrain, you will DEFINITELY need something larger and a bit heavier. That does not go against city use at all, just you need to be ready for that. The lightest stroller out there that can take a bit of bad terrain and is comfortable and quality to use and push, the Bugaboo Fox is definitely a MUCH better option, compared to the Cybex Priam. I would not even suggest that one, as the stylish frame is a bit rattly and the front wheels are ok in the city, and slight bumps, but not as nimble to lift and go over harsher terrain. So if by any change picking from these two, the Fox is a much better option, BUT a limited one still as it is not a terrain beast by far. I would not stress out about accessories, almost everything you need is possible to buy in a universal range, and not all needs to be "dedicated just for that model" - that is more marketing than a need. Bugaboo offers a lot of accessories, and what it doesn't, you'll buy somewhere else. You won't need as much, don't worry.

For harsher terrain, a three-wheeler is definitely better, if it is a quality one. The TFK Mono, I believe you were thinking about that one, is a VERY nice choice indeed, a bit costly and not as stylish as some urban prams, but very sturdy and also spacious. The downsides here are the higher weight and a bulkier fold for sure. However, the bassinet comfort is absolutely fine and I would not be scared by that convertible bassinet, as the Mono has quality fabrics and padding - and you can ALWAYS buy an extra padded liner, even if a universal one. A very big advantage is that even as a terrain/jogging three-wheeler, it offers that convertible carrycot that can change into a reversible seat (more about those here), which is incredibly rare, to have a terrain three-wheeled stroller that can face the parent. It also offers (or offered, it depends on the country you're in, and the availability in stores around you), a non–reversible toddler seat that is super spacious and doesn't reverse anymore and with that, even a 4yo can be in the stroller. And, btw, the Mono also offers the optional extra basinet that is not convertible, and that one has a full-featured mattress - so if you needed that, you can get that extra...

More all-terrain, suitable choices would include the Baby JOgger City Elite 2 that performs well in the city as well as in terrain; the Uppababy Ridge; the Thule Urban Glide 2; and also the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3 that also offers a convertible bassinet (like the TFK, but in a different way).

Many really want a reversible 4-wheeled stroller, I know, but for really nice push and all-terrain abilities, the 3-wheeled ones are simply better. If you'd still want to consider a four-wheeler, the Bumbleride Era is a cool model but not really available much in Europe, for example. Also, the Britax Go Big2 was a fantastic model that pushes with "one finger", but it is not sold much anymore as Britax discontinued it (maybe check around you, also the classifieds, it is a quality stroller that is good value even pre-owned).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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