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An all-terrain from-birth travel system for Canada/terrain, not too expensive, not too heavy

Linda • 18 Aug 2023

Hello Eli,

We have been looking for a stroller for a while now already and just can't find the one that we are hoping for. Maybe we are hoping for too much in one stroller, but maybe there actually is a stroller like we are looking for...

We live in Canada. Have a 2-year-old son and are expecting another one in October.

We are hoping to find a stroller that has:
-a bassinet (preferably spacious)
-a car seat (able to be registered in Canada and preferably not to heavy)
-seat unit (can be layed all the way flat and preferably have a strap that goes between the legs to the bar)
-tires for terrain (like our bumpy gravel roads)
-all together not too heavy
-we are looking for good quality but probably can't go with the most expensive one

The Knorr Baby Life+ is pretty much what we are Looking for but it's not able to be shipped to Canada. I was also not able to find where the car seat could be purchased and I don't know if it is excepted in Canada.

We would be able to get the Nuna Mixx Next. It's able to be layed flat all the way but the leg rest is pretty short and from the reviews I take that the wheels aren't so good for heavier terrain.

If there is any stroller that comes close to we hope for we would be happy to hear which one it would be!🙃😊

Eli • 18 Aug 2023

Heya, Linda,

If you want a terrain stroller, you will need it to be heavier (or at least not light). A light one would get wobbly on bumps rather quickly, and/or wouldn't be stable enough. The Knorr Baby also isn't one of the lightest, and especially with the seat it is very bulky.

Personally, I would probably suggest going for something like the Bumbleride Era or Uppababy Vista. These are sturdier and nice for bumps. The Baby Jogger City Sights is worth mentioning, especially if the terrain is not too harsh. If it is, something three-wheeled like the Ciyt Mini GT2 or the Bumbleride Indie could be the solution, no reversible seat but otherwise, lighter and trly nimble.

To all of these, a bassinet, as well as car seat adapters, should be available, usually bought separately.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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