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An all-terrain do-it-all for first-time parents & outdoorsy lifestyle

Elle • 07 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

Hope you’re good! We’re first-time parents looking for a do it all travel system. I live in a small, hilly village by the coast and would love a light weight pram that makes hills, cafes and train rides into town a breeze. On the flip side we’re also looking for all terrain wheels that can handle our outdoor lifestyle - think cliff side walks, parks, forests and beaches. I’ve heard rubber and PU wheels are best and would love all wheel suspension so the baby is comfortable and not bumping around too much.

Where I’m getting stuck is that these options all look really heavy… making my up hill walks a hassle. I’m so confused! Other than that, a pram cot suitable for overnight sleeping is a must for visiting our parents and, it would be ideal to have a two facing world view, easy, compact, single hand fold that fits into a small-standard size car boot and an adjustable handle bar. A standard size basket is all we need and ideally a sit down toddler ride board for future. Are we being unrealistic?! Would love to know your thoughts.

Options we’ve looked at so far include the Cybex Balios Lux, iCandy Lime, Uppababy Vista / Cruz and [bugaboo-fox-3|Bugaboo Fox]]. Our budget can be flexible.

Thanks so much!

Eli • 07 Aug 2022

Hi there, Elle,

Well, yes and no. I mean, a breezy, lightweight, ideally compact travel system is a bit of a dream when needing it also to be really all-terrain - every added feature, also suspension, larger wheels, reversible seat, comfort carrycot with extra padding - adds weight and size, so it can be a problem to combine it all. Your lightest, best-to-push bet is most probably the Bugaboo Fox. I would also highlight the Uppababy Vista as that is also a kind of a do-it-all, even if a bit on the bulkier/heavier side. Definitely, these two are your best options, the Fox if you need a light-ish pram while the Vista if you need a more robust, sturdy one.

I would also suggest a larger Britax Go Big if you can compromise on the weight and would really want a superb push, as it feels light as a feather when pushed while incredibly roomy and nice on bumps, as it has fantastic suspension, better than any mentioned here. It seems to be, however, discontinued and you'd need to browse classifieds or eBay to get your hands on one, most probably. But it is rather worth it in terms of quality and riding experience. Also good to mention is the Easywalker Jimmey, which also has a nice suspension and is rather versatile.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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