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An all terrain buggy with enough room for a tall 2 year old

Kim • 05 May 2023


I'm looking for an all terrain buggy with enough room for a 2 year old who is off the chart height wise. He's about 95cm tall. It ideally needs to last him at least a year, he has a condition that means he tires easily so needs to rest frequently. He has outgrown his Occarro. If it could lie flat for naps that would be perfect. Ideally, less than £300 unless it could last us a few years. Sun protection is important, a large hood or some way of providing shade would be very helpful!

Thanks, Kim :)

Eli • 06 May 2023

Hey, Kim,

For a tall 2yo, I would go for a quality forward-facing pushchair. I was thinking about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 as a sturdy and roomy option, though that is a bit more expensive one. The Baby Jogger City Elite is an even roomier one.

The Britax B-Motion 4 Plus or Valco Baby Trend Sport (not as all-terrain but with the Sport wheels, doable) are VERY spacious, and will definitely last you size-wise, though I am not sure how available they are around you. The Uppababy Ridge or a Mountain Buggy could serve you very well, too. I'm afraid the all-terrain ones will all be a bit on the more expensive side though.

I would also look at the Kinderkraft Grande as well, though quality-wise it is not as sturdy and comfortable of a stroller - definitely not an all-terrain one, but it is on the budget side.

Be sure to check also pre-owned models, with the better brands it often really is worth it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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