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An all-terain pram that can face the parent, available in the UK

Kirsten • 19 Dec 2022

We want an all terrain pram/buggy but would like it to be forward and rear facing.

Can you recommend one available on the uk?

Eli • 19 Dec 2022

Hi, Kirsten,

You will need to count on an all-terrain, reversible stroller to be heavy-ish, and also more bulky than an only forward-facing one. I will recommend the ABC Design Salsa Air or the ABC Design Samba, check for ex. PramCener which I am pretty sure had ABC Design prams.

The Bumbleride Era is a great reversible all-terrain option as well, I saw it on pramworld.co.uk. A

And then there's the Phil&Teds Sport in the VERSO reversible setup, which is definitely an all-terrain model (however the seat is on the smaller side).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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