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An all-rounder for trips out that will last to 4 years+

Mandy • 02 Sep 2022


I was looking at purchasing an ultra compact stroller ready for some holidays aboard next year, however, I've realized that baby's comfort and durability are more important than worrying about it fitting on a plane for the sake of one or two trips!

I, therefore, feel like I am back at the start of my search again!

Please could you give me some recommendations for best all-rounders. It does need to be small enough for the car boot, and will only be used for trips out. But does need to last 4 years plus. My little one is currently 6 months but big for his age so ideally something roomy and plenty of growing room.

A large hood is a plus and peek a boo window is a must. Please hit me with some suggestions,

Thanks so much!

Eli • 02 Sep 2022

Hiya, Mandy,

Definitely a nice choice to think like this! I would perhaps suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 as the best all rounder with a very very spacious seat, so absolute ok even for a large toddler later on. From the more urban ones, I really enjoyed using a Oyster Zero as it was super wide in the seat and that canopy is simply fantastic - though the wheels are not as large so not for heavy heavy terrain. And definitely check the Valco Trend which is super spacious while offering the option of SPORT - inflatable wheels in the Trend Sport version.

All three are folding flat so should fit just fine, with room to spare, in any normal car boot.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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