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An affordable travel stroller for a 1yo. Asalvo Flight..?

Dario • 13 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

I'm trying to gather info about travel strollers, and I found this Asalvo Flight very intersting. But I'm a bit confused about the sizes. Could you help me?

From the official website:
Opened - 107 X 85 X 49 Cm
Closed - 24 X 60 X 49 Cm
Trolley - 44 X 57 X 20 Cm

So, the smaller it gets is in closed position? But when we use the hadlebar it gets bigger in more than one "dimension"?

I'm trying to plan a trip through Vueling and the max cabine size is 40 x 20 x 30 cm.
I've never flown with a baby (a whole new world), and I'm trying to figure out what's the best option.

I would say my budget is around 200€ (the lesser the better). My baby will be 1yo by the time of the trip, so I don't really know the size or weight. It's a trip to Barcelona, so the terrain should be a city standard.

Do you know any good options? Any advices?

Thanks in advance
Wish you all the best

Eli • 13 Sep 2022

Hi, Dario,

That would probably be a mistake as the change in width makes no sense at all; from the pictures and videos you can clearly see it does not happen. I personally would say you should take the larger dimension as the reference for the folded size. That also means the stroller will not fit the cabin size of your airline, so you will most probably have to give it to the steward when boarding (they'll give it back when getting off). So you actually can take a different cabin suitcase and have your stroller as the baby's (usually free) luggage instead. That also means you don't have to buy such a small stroller, you can buy a bit larger, more comfortable one.

In that budget, check Kinderkraft pushchairs, but not the Pilot - perhaps the Nubi is wanting something small, or check the Grande LX if OK with a larger model.

Again, I personally would go for something more longlasting if not really true cabin luggage sized.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.