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An affordable, safe & stylish pink stroller

lisi • 15 Dec 2021

Hi, I´m looking for a pink, budget friendly stroller that is safe and stylish. Please help me.

Eli • 16 Dec 2021

Hi, lisi,

I need more here, please. Pink is one priority I see, and safe - well, each stroller needs to be safe to pass the basic norms. But what about more? Spacious and all-terrain? Lightweight and compact for occasional/travel use? What's the terrain around you? What's your child's age? Do you need a carrycot-stroller system or just a pushchair/buggy?

The first budget stroller that comes to mind and is pink is the Chicco Trolley Me, and for pink patterns, you should also check the Cosatto stroller brand - these are actually quite stylish, but more expensive than the TrolleyMe.

Think about what I asked you, and send me another question after you establish what sort of a stroller you actually need.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.