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An affordable cabin-sized stroller with a mesh backrest, insert inlay, large canopy, and a one-touch opening

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Joyce • 19 Sep 2023

I am flying to Surfers Paradise in the summer to enjoy the theme parks. In the winter, I plan to fly to Japan to visit the ski fields.

I'm looking for a stroller that is:
Cabin approved
Has a mesh backrest
Insert inlay
Large canopy (to protect from the hot Australian sun shine)
One touch open (preferable)
Not too expensive (preferable)

Can you help me?

Eli • 19 Sep 2023

Hey, Joyce,

I'm afraid I can't :-) The cabin-approved strollers are SO SMALL, most features are put aside just for the sake of the size. Then, all extra features added add on the weight and size, and also, add to the price.

There are VERY FEW mesh-backrest travel strollers, and also VERY FEW with a large canopy. One-touch open is a premium feature you'll need to pay for more if yo really want it to work. No stroller of that size will also have it all, so prioritizing is important here - and if the price is the priority, many of the other feature will just not be there.

I will recommend the Macleren Atom for its large canopy and breathability. The more expensive Joolz Aaer+ for its sturdy frame, small fold, tall backrest, and for officially being cabin approved. The Cybex Orfeo fo the simplicity and super low weight and small fold while having breathable fabrics (this may be your best bet).

And also, I will recommend getting a universal sun shade ACCESSORY (any, even a smaller canopy, will become better), as well as a universal insert for your baby - finding a travel stroller WITH that inlay already will make your options narrow to almost none. Also, be sure to check some strollers in classifieds, and you will save some money by having a pre-woned model (rather than buying a cheap one you will be unhappy as a result).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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