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Adbor Duo Stars: What are the wheels' dimensions?

Charlene Staples • 01 Jan 2022

What is the dimensions for the wheels on this pram as I need to buy more but dont know what sizes to look for?

Eli • 01 Jan 2022

Hi, Charlene,

The general measurement of the diameter is 25 and 29 cm (10 and 11.5") for the front and rear wheels, respectively. It is, in any case, important to check all of the measurements yourself and/or with the manufacturer when buying a new set of wheels as you need to get the exact same attachment system if you need your wheels to work properly and not pose a safety hazard. Do contact the Adbor customer service (more on this page) or any seller of this brand around you for spare parts and their exact specifications and availability.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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