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Adamex Barletta Paris London Collection: Up to what age/weight/length is the car seat really suitable for?

Aiste • 30 Apr 2023

Hi! I wanted to ask about the carseat - up to what age/weight/length is it suitable? Thanks!

Eli • 30 Apr 2023

Hey, Aiste,

The usually included, kind of no-brand and often color-matched car seat (I believe the model is called Kite, in the older sets, Carlo) that Adamex normally supplies with this stroller is officially up to 13 kg. It will realistically last you shorter than up to that weight - from my experience, around 8-10 months of the baby at the maximum, but for larger babies it can be even around 6-7 months.

I cannot tell you the length exactly as it is quite a lot about the baby's anatomy more than the exact length, however you will know the baby grew out of it when the baby starts to protrude.

Personally, I would probably get the Maxi-Cosi/Cybex adapters and a better-brand car seat, it is safer and also more comfortable and longer-lasting.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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