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Adamex Aspena Deluxe: What are the washing machine specifications and can it be tumble dried?

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eli & vii
GLENDA • 27 Jul 2022

Hi, I would like to know the specifics of washing the pieces. The water temperature and if it can be tumble dried.

(from original Spanish: Hola me gustaría saber las especificaciones del lavado de las piezas. La temperatura del agua y si se puede secar en secadora.)

Eli • 28 Jul 2022

Hey, Glenda,

Oficially, only the bassinet's internal fabrics can be machine washed (I personally would put it to 30. max. 40-degree program, the gentle you can use on your machine). Even if you will want to wash the whole stroller, like the seat unit (I don't really recommend it, read this guide about stroller cleaning maintenance to know why and to check your options), always put the gentlest, hand wash program in the machine. Don't use fabric conditioner, just a gentle powder or gel, and tumble drying I never tried, but if, then again, just a gentle one. AGain, officially, washing machine or a drier are not recommended.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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