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ABC Design Zoom Air: Do the rear wheels swivel, and how is the maneuverability?

Osira • 27 Mar 2022

Is the back wheel of the ABC Zoom stroller rotational or it is fixed? For example, the front wheels are rotating at 360° and it can be kept linear by clicking down the side buttons. Overall, how is the maneuverability?

Eli • 28 Mar 2022

Hello, Osira,

The back wheels of this pram are fixed, they do not swivel, no. The maneuverability is, well, not bad, but not bad for a tandem. It is a looooong stroller, so you need to take that into account. It turns nice, but as the children grow, their weight will be felt, the maneuverability and curb-popping will get harder. But that is the case of all tandem double strollers. In any case, it drives slightly better that some other tandems as the long base will make it harder in narrow aisles, but the center of gravity on normal sidewalks will be a but better-placed thanks to its length.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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