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ABC Design Samba: ABC Design Samba vs. Peg-Pérego Veloce for living on a hill and with a lot of cobblestones around..?

Rachek • 16 Aug 2023

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to decide between the ABC Samba and the Peg Perego Veloce as they’re both on my shortlist after having considered quite a few brands/models! I live on a hill and have cobbled streets all around me, so I’m looking for something that can tackle both. I’ve ruled out the Cybex Talos and Nuna Mixx Next as they both seem quite heavy and when folded they’re both quite bulky.

What would be your view between the Samba and the Veloce? I’ve read reviews that the suspension on the Veloce isn’t all that great… Many thanks!

Eli • 17 Aug 2023


I would personally definitely go with the Samba over the Veloce. The Peg-Pérego strollers do feel rattly and wobbly, especially over time, so for cobbles and bumps, I would not really go for that one. The Samba is a bit sturdier and the rear wheels chunkier, meaning a bit more comfort on the terrain you're describing.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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