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ABC Design Salsa 4: Is this a spacious seat unit or not?

Ff12345 • 24 Oct 2021

One of the reviewers mentioned that she thinks the seat unit is “pretty small for a big kid”. I’m confused as I thought this was a marketed as a large and spacious seat.

Though the depth of the actual sitting area does seem fairly shallow!

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eli & vii
Eli • 26 Oct 2021

Hey there!

A good question indeed. The seat size (as well as lightness, compactness, prettiness and more) are highly subjective, however, and even more so with strollers. I heard multiple mums saying very contrasting opinions about the same stroller model, and here's the same thing.

I've had the Salsa 4 in my hands and can confirm the seat is large and spacious - for a reversible stroller. Read more about reversible stroller seas here so you understand the reversibility is always making the seat shorter and narrower, and with less space to the top of the canopy, than any forward-facing only stroller.

The Salsa 4 seat unit, with the seatback of more than 50 cm, is truly above average, compared to about 43-49 cm on average with this type of pushchair. The seat depth of 20 cm is not huge but I consider anything from 20 cm up an OK size, with the adjustable leg rest making it better. The parent leaving a negative comment about the seat size either didn't take the type into consideration OR just had different expectations, and that is very normal with strollers (and parents).

The fact remains... the seat is spacious in my eyes. With a very large toddler, any reversible pram will seem small. The same goes for too many expectations. If your priority would be the longestlôasting possible, I'll suggest a larger non-reversible pushchair instead (ie., a Baby Jogger City Elite 2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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