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ABC Design Salsa 4: Does the Salsa 4 fold with the seat attached or not?

Vin • 23 Sep 2021


The reviews say the ABC Salsa 4 can’t be folded with the seat attached, but the specs state otherwise. Could you please clarify which is true for this model?

Thank you!

Eli • 23 Sep 2021

Hey, Vin!

A good question! The thing is, the official way of folding the stroller is WITHOUT the seat. We tried, however, and it IS possible to fold the newer models WITHthe seat attached, thus it is so in the specs. The thing is, you can only do so with the seat forward-facing - I mean, with the rear-facing seat, the package would be anyway so large it would be absolutely impractical anyway.

So yes, it can be folded with the seat facing the world, but the folded size (with the seat) is quite large and it is, therefore, often better to remove the seat before folding (which is the recommended way anyway).

Hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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