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ABC Design Ping Two: ABC Design Zephair vs. Ping Two vs. Easywalker Mini Buggy Go ultracompact stroller

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eli & vii
Alex • 09 Jun 2022

Do you know about an ABC brand type named "Zephair"? It is really similar to the "Ping Two". What is your advice between ABC Ping Two and Easywalker Mini Buggy Go for a mummy's daily use in the city, and which one has a higher quality?

Eli • 09 Jun 2022

Hi, Alex,

The ABC Design Zephair is just a different naming of the Ping Two for some countries - there are a few minor changed in the design, e.g. the wheel rims and belly bar finish, but the functionality is the same.

About thew quality, the Ping 2 and the Mini Buggy Go are both good in quality, and I don't really have a preference in terms of quality approach. However, for a daily use (none is actually perfect, they are too small), I would definitely take the Ping Two as it is simply a bit less slanted, so your child won't be as discomfortable.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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