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ABC Design Limbo: Which light stroller for traveling is better: the ABC Design Limbo or the Hauck Eagle 4S?

Muftiyah • 14 Dec 2021


I would like to buy a light weight stroller, suitable for traveling. I have narrowed my search down to this, the ABC Design Limbo, and the Hauck Eagle 4s.

Kindly recommend the best. I know this says 15kg and Hauck is 20kg, I am a bit worried the handle bar won't last long.


Eli • 14 Dec 2021

Hi, Muftiyah!

Here, my own choice would definitely be the ABC Design Limbo. Hauck strollers are, from my experience, much "cheaper" even quality-wise, and even though the Eagle 4S claims higher weight capacity, there's no way you'd put such a large baby and comfortably use it with it for a longer period of time. ABC Design makes its strollers sturdier and with much better fabrics and joints, meaning the Limbo will last you a bit longer and will last better from the point of sturdiness as well as comfort. You are also right about the pushbar which, being rotating on the Eagle, will be much less sturdy and long-lasting.

Do count on a small stroller being (always) less spacious and less all-terrain, and you'll be happy with the Limbo, I believe. It is, in my opinion, the better choice between the two.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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