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ABC Design Avus: ABC Design Mint, Okini and Avus - which pushchair to pick?

Alex • 09 Jun 2022

I find the Avus, Mint, and Okini are quite similar, just like an evolving product line. Which one is your preference for daily use in the city, or any comparable type?

Eli • 10 Jun 2022

Hi, Alex,

You are right, this IS their evolving line of a lighter, forward-facing mid-size pushchair! If I would be picking, I would definitely go with the newest model, which means the Avus, as with time, the manufacturer usually makes stuff better. And the Avus is really neat and spacious.

If the Avus would not be available, the nest would be the [[abc-design-okini|ABC Design Okini, as the second newest.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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