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A wheel to wheel measurement of the Bugaboo Fox's chassis to get the right mat under it

mindy • 05 Mar 2022

I want to get a mat to keep my Bugaboo Fox on in my apartment. Do u know the measurements from wheel to wheel?

Eli • 05 Mar 2022

Hi, mindy,

And you don't have a tape measure at home? That would be the quickest, easiest way to know exactly how long the Bugaboo Fox's frame is.

This measurement is not available online and such a particular thing I did not measure when I had the Fox in my hands. I believe it should be about 70 cm, but an exact measurement I cannot give you.

Also good to know - the best is to get a bigger mat than the exact measurement. A stroller is a moving, not a stable thing, so to not need to work it too much to fit it perfectly, I would get AT LEAST 70 x 80 cm mat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.