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A versatile single pushchair to complement our double stroller

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MamaCeeBee • 15 Aug 2022


I’ve been looking at some reviews on your blog and thought you seem so knowledgeable it could be an idea just to ask for your recommendation!

I have a 27mo who is 94cm tall and 14kg, we are due our second baby in October. We will be using our iCandy Orange as a double (which I love) however I’d also like a smaller, slightly lighter weight, but still well built and sturdy second pram to use as a single. I’d like it to collapse in one, would be great if could do one-handed. If it was suitable from birth (not using car seat adaptors etc.) would be a bonus.

I’m thinking something that could have a weight limit up to 22/25kg so I could take the toddler out or lend to a grandparent. We currently have a Silver Cross Jet 2 and I think it’s just too flimsy. We live in the UKs smallest city, surrounded by countryside so does need to be a bit versatile (woodland walks, cobbled streets, high kerbs and suburban use). As I find it hard to get up and down kerbs with the Silver Cross, now my son is so big and I don’t really need a cabin sized one (we bought this prior to covid thinking we’d have a few holidays abroad before baby was one!).

If the pram could be parent and forward facing it would be brilliant, cost wise I’m looking up to the £300 mark. I’d also like a reasonable sized basket as I don’t want a big changing bag handing off the back of can be avoided. I’ve seen several online but after viewing in person or reading lots of reviews I think I’m not very certain they’d be good enough: Joie Mytrax Flex, Mamas and Papas Airo, Hauck Runner 2, MaxiCosi Gia. I think I like the Micralite GetGo, I think the Out N About Nipper or GT could work. The BabyJogger City Mini sounds good too but is more than I’d want to spend.

It would be so great if you could give your options and recommendations. There’s probably things I haven’t even thought of or seen which would be worth considering.

Also worth mentioning I’d rather not want an umbrella fold. I don’t know why but I just don’t like the look of that type.

Thanks in advance :)

Eli • 15 Aug 2022

Hey there,

Thank you for all the details! ^_^ From what you're describing, the Joie Mytrax Flex seems like one of the best options (if a reversible is your preference, the Joie Versatrax/Joie Finiti could also work for you. I would not go for a Hauck, just the quality is not awesome, and probably not for the Gia either, as that one seems a bit too rattly in the front.

I would not hesitate to get a pre-owned, second-hand Baby Jogger City Mini GT as the push is simply great (and so is the fold). I can also suggest a Valco Snap Sport with the inflatable wheels, as it is light and rather nimble, even if on the simpler side, and also the ABC Design Avus could work well for you. My personal fav in terms of great push/wheels would be the Gesslein S4 though it may be you won't find it around you, it is not available everywhere.

I am sorry I am suggesting mostly forward-facing models, though in that price, a reversible would be a very low-quality one (if not bought pre-loved).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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