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A versatile from-birth stroller with a bassinet option

Shevy • 21 Nov 2022

Hi Eli,

I am pregnant with my first and looking into stroller options. We would like to get a stroller that is good for mildly rough terrain, but also lightweight enough to get in and out of the car. We also want the stroller to have a bassinet option.

I visited a local store and looked at the Silver Cross Dune which seems to be a good fit for our needs. However I am starting to question if the Dune is still our best option compared to the Bugaboo Fox 3, or Cybex Priam 4?

Can you kindly provide the pros and cons of the Dune vs, the fox and the Priam or if there is another model you would suggest?

Eli • 21 Nov 2022

Heya, Shevy,

The Dune is most probably not an option I would pick; to me, it is heavy-ish for those smaller front wheels, and the seat is not super long so it will last you about 2-2.5 years. Also, I am not completely sure about the suspension Silver Cross uses, their strollers are often quite hard and not easy to pop up curbs or go over bumps etc. This one is pretty new so it needs to be tried out more yet, still I would much more go for the Fox 3 - though that one is bulkier, even if lighter.

Do you need a compact fold, like a really compact one? If so, the Dune, or maybe the Cybex Mios would suit you better. But if the fold just needs to be reasonable, you can fold the Fox frame and store the seat separately.

OR you may want to think about the Baby Jogger City Sights which is also reasonably sized when foldex, and a higher quality, sturdier model. Definitely an option to consider, as from that full-sized, reversible-seat category it ticks most of the boxes.

The Priam is also OK, size-wise, however it tends to be rattly as the suspension could be softer, too. Much more of a stylish stroller, still nice and with a few really cool features - and definitely a head-turner!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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