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A versatile, all-round and upright pushchair

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Jess B • 31 Jul 2022

Hi Eli, thanks for your help with my first question. I just discovered your site and it is SO useful. I think I was taken in by the mini part of the name in the BJCMGT2. It overall feels bigger than the Uppababy Vista I had many years ago.

The smaller options you mention look mainly suited to urban settings but ideally I’d like something a bit more all-terrain (not crazy off road but gravel paths, grass etc). I’m keen to avoid the issue we’ve had with our Yoyo in that it is useless anywhere except smooth paths etc. If we threw size out the window but focussed on upright seat and decent all-round terrain performance, what would be your best recommendation, please? I looked at the Lionelo Bell and Kindercraft All Road but the budget could go up a bit.


Eli • 31 Jul 2022

Heya, Jess,

From the larger ones, the Joie Versatrax is actually quite upright and rather versatile, and not super heavy on the budget, and the Joie Mytrax might suit you as a non-reversible, a little more compact model. I personally would go for the Gesslein S4 though, as the super nice suspension and larger wheels plus nice seat space are a nice combo, even if not the most stylish. The Valco Snap Sport is light while versatile enough thanks to the SPORT air-filled wheels, and the ABC Design Avus has a nice upright seat for the type. And I will also mention the Peg-Pérego Book which also sports a super nice sea, and overall a nice, even if a bit more urban, push.

If you want nice performance, I would not really go with the Lionelo nor the Kinderkraft, as those are on the cheaper side, materials-wise, and will be a bit rattly to you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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