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A two-week trip with a 14-18-month-old and a stroller with a partial recline - will it be alright?

Travelmama • 03 Apr 2022

Hi again,

I have a follow-up question - so bringing a stroller that only partially reclines as my only stroller, on for example a two-week trip would be bad? It would be the place the 14-18 month baby would have her main nap (1,5-2 hours). When I travel alone with her by plane, I really need to be able to have her in the stroller all the way to the gate because of my bad back, and if I could bring only one stroller on my journeys that would be so eaaaasy…

Eli • 03 Apr 2022

Hey, Travelmama, thank you for another question ^_^

No, it wouldn't be bad. It won't be the most comfortable, all-terrain, super-roomy solution, but it will be a solution, and it will be just fine, don't worry. After 12 months of age, children can do more and more and yes, they can nap in a partially reclined seat. And if you have back problems and simply need a small stroller for your travels, that is absolutely reasonable to solve that with a semi-reclining stroller. Even for a 1.5 to 2 hours' nap, even if not 100% optimal, it is OK.

You are a good mother to think about all this, and I believe you and your little one will be ok, no worries. My third was actually like that that he didn't like to nap in a fully flat position, he always needed to be a bit inclined (from when he was about a year).

All the best, and safe travels!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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