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A travel ultra-compact stroller with travel system option NOT made in China..?

Erik • 04 Jun 2021

Hello Eli,

I'm looking for a lightweight stroller for our 2-year-old that is not made in China. It would be a spare stroller to use when traveling. I was looking at the My Junior Pico and Plia, but they seem to have been discontinued. I liked the fact that both models had adaptors for car seats, which would be useful if we have another child.

I also liked the Anex Air-X and the Peg Perego Tak because they have a full recline and can be used with newborns, but they don't have car seat adaptors (Tak has one but only for Peg Perego car seats).

Perhaps you have a tip for another model or manufacturer to look at? I know most companies outsource to China but I'd like to avoid that if possible.


Eli • 04 Jun 2021

Hello, Erik,

I will start with stating a (maybe) not so obvious fact that not all made in China is bad. I mean, some of your picks (My Junior buggies or Anex strollers) are European brands 'made in Europe', but that means Poland which is not a bad country at all, but they do make cheap-ish strollers. This is why they're also, usually, very budget-friendly. On the other hand, even fantastic quality brands like Bugaboo are made in China - but in their own owned and operated factory in China, meaning the design and quality is highly controlled. So just wanted to state that there are fantastic made-in-China brands as well as not so fantastic not-made-in-china brands. It also works the other way around, of course. Ad the Italian Peg-Pérego Tak is a nice, but not the sturdiest pushchair around, so I can't say you'd be surely getting something much better.

If I were to suggest quality, I would surely recommend the Joolz Aer. Truly a lasting, great-to-push little pram with even a bassinet and a car seat option (adapters necessary, Maxi-Cosi attachment system-friendly car seat brands accepted). It is made in China as well, however.

Even "traditional" brands like Maclaren outsource to China, unfortunately, so the Maclaren Atom also won't make you happy. Bumbleride is made in Taiwan and Emmaljunga in Sweden, but these don't offer the type of stroller you're looking for... The Ergobaby Metro could be interesting, features-wise, and so would the GB Pockit+ All-City, but those are also Chinese...

I would strongly suggest not to check the 'made in' tag, but the price tag and reviews. Also, the brand should be reliable in durability, sturdiness... Bet on a good brand and pay more to not be disappointed later - and, yes absolutely, even by a European brand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.