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A travel stroller to complement my 2 larger strollers & that will accept my Nuna Pipa car seat

Kel • 12 Dec 2022

Hi Eli,

I'm a first time mom, with baby coming in February! We live in Minnesota, and have a paved walking path right by our house that we go on walks all year round (COLD in winter, humid and buggy in summer). We travel several times a year, and having something that's easy to travel with is important.

My situation is a bit complicated. My generous sister gave me her two old strollers, the Bob, and the Baby Jogger City Select (7 years old). We wanted to get the Nuna Pipa car seat, but found that Baby Jogger doesn't make the adapter for the Nuna anymore for the model we have. Both the City Select and Bob are larger strollers, but function great and we'd love to keep them and use them. I feel like with the Nuna car seat, Bob and City Select, and limited attachment options, we really are missing something that could easily attach to the infant car seat (Nuna) to take to doctor appointments, stores, church etc. The Bob will be great on the trails.

We've considered getting an additional stroller and are considering either the Nuna TRVL or the Joolz Aer. Someone recommended the Doona to us to use in the first year and just use the other strollers later, but I feel that the Doona is less versatile, and I'm worried about how low to the ground it is. The Doona feels less flexible and functional to me, but I'd love any thoughts you have on that too.

My questions that still remain are...
1. Would it be better to get an additional stroller or change our car seat preference to just use the strollers we have, even though they're larger and less travel friendly?
2. Is it worth it to get a bassinet/pram for strollers or should I just stick with using a car seat for the first 6 months?
3. Would you recommend Joolz Aer vs. Nuna TRVL?

Generally, I'm looking for any advice on figuring out what to buy or not buy and what will fit our lifestyle and truly be worth it to invest in, while still using the two used strollers we've been gifted if they fit in too. We plan to have more kids, maybe 2 more and would look to spend around $400-$500 for a stroller, but of course I'd be open to cheaper options if they exist!!

THANK YOU so much for your advice. I feel overwhelmed with the options, so your input is appreciated!!



Eli • 13 Dec 2022

Hey, Kel,

I will start from the end :-) and tell you I feel like the Joolz Aer is much better compared to the Nuna trvl. The trvl is, in my opinion, not worth the price, as quality-wise it is pretty much the same as the Joie Pact. Even the guy from Stroller Workshop quite hates that model :-D Anyhow, the Aer is simply better made, sturdier, and much roomier. So much more worth your money.

About the two strollers you already have, actually I personally would probably first try to find adapters still - many people selling them on eBay or in classifieds often. You need to search for Maxi-Cosi adapters as they also fit the nuna car seat. And it is a bit of a pain to have 3 strollers at home, so probably, if I did not find the adapters in the end, I might just get a different car seat and sell this one. I mean, you won't need a travel stroller for multiple months, usually, as taking just the City Select frame with car seat is not that bulky, not a real problem for most cars really.

I know, the strollers are on the larger side, however, you can always get a smaller travel stroller later on, at least I would. I only say it because I know how simple, not as practical for colt etc. these are, and you don't need to decided this right away.

So, my suggestion - check the classifieds or eBay offers, here's what I found, try it with the adaptors, and if that is not possible, check for other car seat options. If loving your car seat however, go for the Aer, it will last you longer.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.